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Thread: how do i decode FLAC?

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    can anyone please help me with this? downloaded some albums, but they are all in flac format.
    how do i play them?
    what program can convert them to mp3?


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    Macintosh: Download and install MacAmp Lite, a multi-format audio player, and then install the FLAC Plugin for MacAmp.

    Windows: Download and install WinAmp, a multi-format audio player, and then install the FLAC Plugin for WinAmp.

    Linux or any other UNIX-based architecture: Download and copy "" to your XMMS media player input plugins folder.


    How do I burn FLAC files to CD as audio tracks?

    You will first need to convert the FLAC files to another format that your burning program is familiar with. Windows users can use the FLAC Frontend, to convert FLAC files to WAV files, which are suitable for burning programs. For Macintosh OS X users, Dan Greuel has created a tool called MacFLAC.

    I use FLAC Frontend to convert my flac files to wav for burning / listening
    Its really straight forward, quite simple once your up to speed

    info is available on these sites ... flac homepage flac frontend
    Good Luck!


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