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Thread: Where is the best place to get movies?

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    Ive just got broadband so never really bothered about downloading movies before but theres some i want to get and i was just wondering if anyone could tell where is the best place to get them or what program is best to use?

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    those are your best bets, it also depends on what type of movies you are downloading, newer ones i like irc, but that can be hard for newbies (bittorent works fine too), older ones are bittorent and emule,

    IKE I dont know if newsgroups are what i would recomend to a newbie, but that is personal prefrence and it is worth the time to learn.

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    go for BT (Bittorrent)
    very fast downloads.

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    i would also kick off with bittorrent. it is kind of an introduction to newsgroups and the idea of multiple-rar archives.

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    Im tryng to use mIc but when i try to download something it doesnt work, i accept that i want the file but it says the connection falied. Then it keeps saying the following....

    [wW]-{felon}-100- *** You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (90 seconds remaining until timeout)

    Does anyone know what this means?

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    port forward your router or change your firewall settings.

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    Ive given up on mIRC for a minute, ive been having a look at Bit Torrent and it looks good and theres plenty of sites that let you download torrents. But i was wondering is there anyway you can make it safer for you not to get caught downloading these files from the websites?

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    google search peerguardian, it blocks off ainti p2p organization from connecting to you , while on BT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Formula1
    google search peerguardian, it blocks off ainti p2p organization from connecting to you , while on BT
    Ive been using ares quite abit recently, will peerguardian block off anything on ares?

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