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Thread: K++ And Winxp Start Menu?

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    I am running Windows XP and K++. I want to know how do I move the K++ items and accessories around on the start menu. When I try to move them around the normal way, in the directory, the items do not even appear. I do have show all files checked. What am I missing? Perhaps a registry entry?

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    this has nothing to do with kazaa lite.

    try reading up on how to customise your xp start menu on google B)

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    Thank you for the polite response, but how does it not have anything to do with kazaa lite as I am asking how to remove the icons from the start menu? I do not wish for any sort of debate just a simple answer.

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    Are you referring to within Kazaa Lite folder or within the XP Program Files directory?
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    The start menu in c:/documents and settings/allusers/startmenu

    I managed to do it by justdrag and dropping directly on the start menu, but now I am curious as to why the programs that were listed in the start menu did not appear in the directory under c:/documents and settings/allusers/startmenu?

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    right click on the start menu and select explore all users. You can browse to the folder you want to and move items at your hearts content.

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    All you gotta do is right click the actual icon on the start menu and select "remove from this list." If you'd like to pin the program just click and drag it to the very top of the start menu. Very Simple!


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