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Thread: Browser Hijacked

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    Every time I try to change my homepage in Internet Explorer it changes right back to some internet search site with an IP address for the URL.
    I have tried anti spy-ware anti ad-ware and anti-virus software to remove the bug
    And nothing seems to help.

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    try spyware blaster, coz on it the is a tool that locks your browser, so if you set the browser to show google evertime you go on line it will lock it and no program can chage it.
    also check C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files and add/remove programs and see if there are any suspicious programs installed
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    Run hijackthis post the log, run spysweeper, adaware ect. most importantly USE FIREFOX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt526
    I have tried anti spy-ware anti ad-ware and anti-virus software to remove the bug
    what apps have you ran?
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    First, stop using IE. (for the time being at least)

    Second, disable System Restore if your O/S supports it(you didn't say which you have)

    Third, do as stated above and check your add/remove dialog box and look for the obvious.

    Fourth, run "HijackThis" and post log. A lot of times even the least technically savvy person can spot the problem in the log and delete it.

    Fifth, while Spyware Blaster is a useful tool for IE, it's a little late now isn't it? Run the usual software(Adaware, Spybot, Spysweeper). It may be necessary to do it in safe mode and reboot between programs. Note: doing it with System Restore still on may have no affect at all.

    Lastly, do as suggested before and at least try Firefox( as exploits have yet to reach critical mass yet so it will be plenty safe for awhile.

    BTW, browser hijackers usually alter your registry so be careful before deleting any keys. You may want to back it up.

    Hope that helps.

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    Harrycary pretty much gave the best advice there is concerning how to deal with spy/adware and Internet Explorer.

    SpywareBlaster is a great tool (and FREE) for dealing with these problems. It will not prevent the malwares from being installed or infecting your system nor will it detect/remove these applications, however it will hinder them from running which is usually when the most damage is caused, IMO. Another handy feature which speaks well of it, is SpywareBlaster's ability to prevent pop-ups and some ads which many firewalls/anti-virus applications sometimes tend to overlook. Overall, it compliments any firewall or router rather nicely.

    One application, new to the market and one that I would swear by, is Sunbelt's "Counterspy". It pretty much is like a firewall/av application geared specifically to combat malwares. It seems to have Adawares best attributes without what I think is "bloat". Now naturally no one or release group have devised a keygen/crack for it as of yet. Though in the meantime, there is Microsoft's "Anti-Spyware" software. Which (still in a beta however for the life of me, I fail to understand why) is essentially the exact same application (even down to the GUI) as Giant Software's Antispyware and Sunbelt's Counterspy. Sunbelt being apart of Giant Software Company and Giant now under the control of Microsoft... (sheeesh- go figure )
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