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    I am quite new to this. When I download a film and burn it onto CD, my Dvd player connected to thew TV will not recognise the disc. Do I have to convert the file to a different format, similar to Mp3 to Wave? If so could any tell me where to buy such a program, I am not necessarily after freebies.
    Thanks in anticipation to anybody who can help

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    try DL "Copy Dvd Plus"
    i think thats it's name
    it's on kazaa too

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    try DL "Copy Dvd Plus".i think thats it's's on kazaa too

    I've never seen this on K-Lite before. Where exactly can i find it and how does it work?


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    You need to convert it to vcd or svcd format. Some dvd players still will not recognize it however.

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    download tmpgenc or tmpgenc plus and load your downloaded movie into it,use it to cut the movie in half and convert it to mpg1 vcd or mpg2 svcd then burn onto two discs with nero and it should play on dvd player.thats the bare bones of it. better still go to this site for step by step instuctions and free programs like tmpenc to do the conversions.

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    most dvd players support mpeg-1 (VCD) and mpeg-2 (DVD/SVCD). divx/xvid/wmv/avi are a newer format called mpeg-4, so you need to convert them from 4 to 1 or 2... or buy a dvd player that decodes mpeg-4. mpeg-4 dvd players are extremely rare right now, but they do exist if you're willing to shell out for it.

    personally, i think the most convenient solution at the moment is to buy a video card with tv-out support, and install it in your pc. for less than $100, you can connect your pc to your tv and view downloaded media... and save yourself hours upon hours of time wasted on converting video files.


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