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Thread: Safe for the PS2 to play DVD -R movies?

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    Is it safe to play DVD -R movies on my ps2? The brand of DVD -R I use is called "Unifino". I am not sure about playing them on my new slim ps2, since my old ps2's dvd laser stopped working after about 3 years. DVD -R's surface wouldn't cause damage to my new ps2 would it? I thought I heard about this somewhere before.
    BTW, my old ps2 played DVD -R movies "without" a modchip of any kind. My new ps2 plays DVD -R movies as well without a mod chip, but I haven't watched an entire movie on it yet.

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    ive heard it strains the laser using copied medium, thats why most chipped ps's died alot quicker.
    not sure if it affects the ps2 though.

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    yes and no is the answer, while it is harder for the laser to read, the better the media and the newer the ps2 the less of the impact it will have. This is what my friend told me i dont know the specfics, but i dp know that. so it isn't really good for you to do it, but in the long run it dosen't matter is what he said.

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    there's no way that it can damage the PS2, however like Livy says, it might be that it has to increase the power of the beam to read the disk......... this will cause it to die a lil quicker, but shouldnt be noticable (that is, if sony put good dvd players in the ps2, if it just put junk in it might die on you pretty quick of course, but that's not really dependant on the disks you play)

    id just go ahead and play em......

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    Go to

    They have a database of DVD players posted by users and their experience with different types of media.

    BTW, A DVD (of any kind) will not ruin a DVD player. It will not "wear out" a laser(impossible). The worst it will do is "overwork" a laser pick-up assemby.
    This can be a problem as it is a mechanical issue related to the objective lenses attempt at achieving focus. Failure is something that can happen on any DVD player.


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