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Thread: does an internet connexion control software exists?

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    I'm going know to pay quite a lot of money each months to my internet provider, to get my own IP, in order not getting disconected every 12 or 24 hours and so get files the quickest way.

    But my provider as most in france aren't trustable, by now I get intempestive disconection, but they told me they are going to fix the problem within 2 days.

    That's why, I would need some kkind of a internet connection control software, to check for example when I get back home on the evening, if tha f"ckin expensive conexion didn't stop at any time when I wasn't there.

    It's a long time I didn't wrote in english, any grammar or orthographic mistake quote, is welcome.

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    It sounds like you're having a hard time keeping your internet connection active.

    I'm guessing you are on a dial-up connection(using a phone line).

    If so, than your connection may be "timing out" due to inactivity. ISPs have a limited amount of IP addresses and do this to free them up for others to use.

    If you are on a dial-up connection then you can always set your email client(like Outlook Express) to check your email every 1/2 hour or so.

    This would also work if you have a broadband(cable, DSL, ADSL) connection.

    Hope that helps. Maybe others have some input.

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    it keeps logs also

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    'connection keep alive' is one, there are others, never used it tho


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