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Thread: Creating a PSX ISO image?

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    Jeff C
    I have the ePSXe emulator which is working fine, but in order to get the games to play more smoothly I wanted to run my game from the hard drive. The emulator states that it has this capacity, but my test game appears to have write protection and I was wondering how to create an ISO image from the disk?

    This is copied from the readme file that comes with ePSXe:

    "'Run ISO'

    'An ISO is a 1:1 copy of a CD, just that it's stored on your HD. This means that you'll get faster access times and better loading times (highly recommended for games reading frequently from the CD). ePSXe supports CDRwin ISOs (.bin) and CloneCD images (.iso). '"

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    sArA's Avatar Ex-Moderatererer
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    I guess you mean that the disc is copy protected.

    You will need a ripping program first.

    check out the games section, it might have the answers you need.

    Oh and Welcome to FST

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    Use an app like Alcohol 120% or similar...


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