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Thread: Firght Night Round 2

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    Having a hard time figuring the game out. It dosent have a tutorial that i can see. I am used to the knock out kings controls. Can some body tell me how to play?

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    Game kicks ass Im used to using setup 3 for the controller. Use the L trigger to throw body shots.

    X - left jab
    Y - right jab
    A - left hook
    B - right hook
    Black button - special hit
    White button - cheap shot
    Left d-pad - cheap shot
    Up d-pad - grap/hold
    Down d-pad - i think its taunt
    Right d-pad - cant remember

    You can also use the right analog for more control on your punches. Push to the right then up for a right hook. Down-right then circle up to through a right uppercut. I think block it both triggers + the area you want to block (I dont do much blocking).
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