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Thread: Micro burgers reheated

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    Yeah erm.......

    I microed one while I was fixing the door (outside door, putting new lock on), burger went cold and the bread went rock hard, so I used it to hit the chisel
    Anyway, I finished the door and reheated it.

    I must say it's like eating a thick slice of cardboard with some cheese in the middle. (No withcheese jokes please!!!!)


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    You should have sprayed a wee drop of water on it. Alternately put a saucer of water in the microwave. I think you will find that this will soften your chisel a bit.

    The microwave will also soften your rolls if hard. That is if you have a big enough microwave that will allow you to drive your rolls into it.

    OK I'm going for a siesta.
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