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Thread: Any Good Ftps Or Ftp Sites

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    do you know of any good music, film or software ftps, or good ftp sites with lots of ftp links that work,

    as i find them really reliable and gets the best speed from your pc

    so i'd be really apprieciative if any of you could help !!!

    thank you in advance hulmey

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    its against the rules of the forum to post ftp links or links to direct files etc, if you red ppls sigs on the forum they might mention they have an ftp server, i have one but i took it of my signature as i was getting swamped with requests, but we are not allowed to post the direct IP address to our own FTP`s, never mind lists and lists of them.

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    Register here for some good FTP's:

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    Try solarwarez 2000, just do a search on google, I have found that many of the links are fake but that may just be my bad luck.

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