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Thread: Divx Pro 5.0 Keymaker "damn"

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    I downloaded DivX 5 Pro from the verifieds
    It contains the Keymaker made by Damn

    it says
    1. Your serial number (this section has the numbers)
    2.Activation URL string - this line is empty
    3.Activation code - This line is empty
    bottom right its "Generate it"

    I have put the SN in the Divx registration thing and connected to their site
    no good - if i "generate it" in the Damn Keymaker it says "incorrect activation url"

    How do i get the URL string and the activation code?

    Most cracks are simpler

    Please help

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    Get the K-Lite codec pack.

    That has DivX Pro 5.03

    It's the corporate version, so no keygen is needed.

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    There should b a nfo file with the instruction

    but u never know..

    Get your favourite digital video encoding tool and try to encode some
    movie in DivX 5 format. Registration dialog will appear.
    Start keymaker and enter Serial number ( 1-st edit box ) into
    corresponding fields in DivX registration dialog.
    In the registration dialog press Step 2 -> Web -> Print URL.
    Copy the whole URL string into keymaker's "Activation URL string"
    Press "Generate" and copy generated Activation code into Step 3 ->
    Enter Activation Code -> Activation Code.

    Enjoy =)

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    Sorry for the late reply
    im not fulltime online but a internet cafe sufferer

    will get the kazaa codec pak
    but as for the Damn keygen ive had them for other programs and now i know the answer.
    Thanx both of you for replies


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