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Thread: Using Laptop Monitor for Desktop Monitor?

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    Is there anyway to do it?

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    Easy the other way around . But never tryed using a lap top display for desktop .

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMartin
    Is there anyway to do it?
    If you mean taking the LCD from a laptop and using it as a LCD for a computer, well sorry but this isn't feasible, but it is possible, in short the LCD from a laptop doesnt take the standard video signal that a conusmer LCD takes, but with some experience in electrical engineering, and money for a signal converter which costs more that a typical LCD monitor anyways it is possible...
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    The electronics used to convert the graphics chip output into a video signal, and those used to convert the signal back to a format which can be displayed will be missing, since the lcd display is an integral part of the laptop rather than a separate unit.

    However, this is basically the concept used for the DVI connection now available on most graphics cards so in theory it should be possible. Unfortunately, each manufacturer will have their own variation on how they implement this in their laptops, and they are not likely to supply that information to the general public so it is unlikely you would be able to implement it.
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