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    i have ims-cm4.bin but i dont kno what i have to do, i burned it to a cd aswell but i dont kno what to do with it, plz help my trobledcm4 wanting soul.

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    DOWNLOAD DAEMON TOOLS (a program that creates another drive and opens .bin .iso and those kind of files) OR donwload winiso and convert the .bin in to .iso and use winiso to open it I HOPE THIS FIXES UR PROBLEM

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    that doent help. daemontools semms a complete waste of time i dont see how it works, and winiso u have to pay for...

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    ok this has been explained in detail in other posts, Here and Here, hope this helps

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    both those links are broken... were are those posts?

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    what is cm4?

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    Originally posted by Timz@5 April 2003 - 10:29
    what is cm4?
    supposedly some football game

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    win iso u have 2 pay for? just download it along with a keygen or a crack

    i used win ISO to install the cm4 you fine altho i had 2 download a new nocd crack as the 1 with it didnt work for me

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