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Thread: Hijacked Home Page

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    Somehow my homepage has been hijacked and I can't switch it. If I go into internet options I get a popup saying restrictions- see administrator
    I am running 98SE and do not have system administrator. Tried S&D & AdaWare to no avail- including tools in one of them to switch home page.
    Hope somebody can help- thanks

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    I like my about:blank homepage.

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    lol... intrestin....

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    come on people- can't somebody help

    I don't like my about:blank!


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    I use 98se & what is "system administrator"?
    Try lookin in your reg for the page title & edit it from there. Sounds like you have installed some program that is continually changing it.

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    Try this:

    Go to the website that you want as your homepage. Click on the icon that is in front of the url in the address bar. Now drag that icon on top of the home icon. That should set it as your homepage.

    Otherwise search your registry for "about:blank" and change it there.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    once you do figure it out
    this can lock your homepage so it wont happen again

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    Thanks for the replies and especially Paul- now got my homepage back
    - had to do it through search of registry.
    Any idea what leadertech Ex03a is?
    Trying to find whats locked homepage in first place- out of interest/inquisitiveness now
    It appears it has now backfired on about:blank as my original page is now locked

    Anymore help would be appreciated and thanks again

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    To change home page you can right click explorer and select properties.

    Then type the url you want into the homepage address box. Or copy and paste it in, from the site you want it set at.

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    JMif- that option's not available- the properties box comes up and temp internet files and history option are avail but homepage 'greyed' out.
    Thats why I'm quite interested into how its been done/whats doing it/undoing it?

    like I say got my home page back but can't change that either

    And by the way thanks for the input!

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