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Thread: morphxt6.1 & 50% cpu

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    so i just upgraded from standard emule to morphxt and now its siting there eating up 1/2 my cpu cycles for no apparent reason when old emule was negelable... whats happening i set it to share a fold with 16gigs of mp3's is it getting the file info or is is going crazy?

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    Guillaume's Avatar Kentish old lady BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Well, if you started it for the first time, it probably is hashing the files...

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    well ive got some other problem with it, it just sucks for downloading and finding sources. normal emule finds complete files for all my downloads, after several hours xt had half w/o completion and had only managed to download 10k. i can't see why any of its settings would affect this, but they do. i enabled those auto download new stuff but thats the only setting i changed for morphxt. any ideas??? id like to use it but it refuses to work!

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    Try ticking the box that says "Download Complete files Only" if you only want your Mule to start downloading ONLY complete Partfile traffic

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    i could care less if its complete or in pieces, but the bar has red parts on it forever, while normal emule bars turn blue eventually. xt only has part become blue, it just can't find all the pieces for some reason and iam trying to connect to the same servers.
    any ideas??

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    ask the sources with 100% of the file to come back online?
    if there are red parts, there are no full sources

    right click and look to see when the last time it was seen complete. if it's been a while you may need to give up on it, and try searching for a version of that file with more complete sources
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    the files are popular and are easily found and normal edonkey finds them right away when i start it up saying it last saw it complete right before i quit edonkey. then i load up xt and download the same file but it can't always find the whole file which edonkey found just moments earlier.


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