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    Ok, So i got the Splinter Cell game...the first cd (BIN format)...and it didnt work...any ideas why? I burned it as bin, i converted it and burned it as ISO. I extracted all the files, and tried to do it from the HD. But i would always get an error about a corrupt file or something...Does anyone know why this would happen, and how to prevent it? It was the SC-FLT.BIN Should i use a different burning prog (I use nero)? I had the same problem with a Dungeon Siege ISO that i burned. Thanks for the help.

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    hmmm could this be it?

    about a corrupt file
    Sounds like corruption. Do a search on how to fix it. It's common.

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    i don't think that the prublem is with nero....
    i think that u just DL a corrupted files.....
    next time just use the verified or DL with Emule

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    and also when dowloading dont pause it as may also cause a file to become currupt u gotta download it in one session

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    If it always says corrupt down keep on trying it ,it wont change
    try and find a diffrent game.
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