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Thread: Multiple Upload question (BitComet)

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    I am using bitcomet, and my upload is 95Kb/s but if I chose to upload multiple files it only dedicates 1 file to be uploaded, any idea how I can fix this? Thanks

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    Not sure about how bitcomet work. If I'm not mistaken its a GUI client, right? I normally use Azureus. I think in your case it has to do something with upload settings.

    Go to the preferences and change the settings on how many uploads you want at a time. I think your upload settings is on "1" file at a time...change that number to whatever you like.

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    You could try capping the upload to the main upload. Say if you have 3 torrents going, cap them each at 35KBps.

    Also, as said above, check out the number of connections allowed total. Maybe they are being used up in just one torrent.

    Personally though, if i'm trying to spread the love, i just cap what each file gets so that they are approxiamately getting equal shares. It can be adjusted later if onne or two of em isn't using up his share.

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    Preferences - Task - Upload - Maximum upload rate per task:
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