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Thread: Burning Bin./cue. Files On Nero 5.5+

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    I asked a lot of ppl and waited a long time, but in the end it all came down to looking around a lot. But that took me a while befeor i understood how to do it. If ur a dumbass with comps like myself, here are the instructions that i made: These instructions are based on StylinProfilin's FAQ
    and Praetorians D/L section, part about burning the cue. and bin. Thanks to StylinProfilin and tilen76 for the posts

    Procedure for burning cue. and bin. files

    1) Open "nero" Normal, dont use the wizard.

    2) Select CD-Rom(ISO)- It shoudl be the default, if not, the top icon.

    3) Select "new" on the top right.
    -The top label for the new page should read "ISO 1"

    4) Drag the bin. file from the "File Browser" to the new folder.

    5) On the top left go to file " Burn Image"
    - Find the sharing folder for the program that u used to d/l the file. (ex. KaZaa Shared Folder or the "Incoming" folder for eMule) Then select the cue. file that corresponds with ur bin. file.

    6) Click "Open"

    7) The right window should read "CueSheet" You should be the in "burn" section of the top 3 folders.

    8) Make sure that the write method reads "Disc-At-Once" It should be the default.

    9) Insert a fresh cd and click "write" at the upper right corner

    With luck, ur bin. and cue. files should be burned correctly. ENJOY

    If any part of this is inaccurate plz tell me, i just figured how to burn bin. files 3 days ago

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    For the most part you got it right, but steps 2 through 4 aren't really necessary. When the wizard pops up just hit the 'Cancel' button, then go to File and select 'Burn Image'. Select your .cue file (it should have the same name as your .bin file) and burn.

    Like you said, you must use Disk-At-Once when you burn a .bin file. If you want to leave the disk open so you can add more files later, use WinISO to convert the .bin to .iso first, then burn using Track-At-Once and uncheck the 'Finalize CD' box.


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