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    I made some avi's of a TV show to share.
    I see that users have downloaded them.
    When I do a search for these files nothing shows up.
    So how are people finding my files? Or does KaZaA filter out my own files in my search.

    I would like to know how many people have my avi's shared. So after enough people have the file shared I can stop sharing that file and start making/sharing new files.

    any idea on how to tell?

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    Well, i don't think you can find your own files, but if 1 other person in your supernode has the file, you will find it fast. But i guess if you can't find it... anyway, the safe way to know that your file is shared is to find a few reliable ppl who want your file and directly send it to them and they will share it for a while and the file will spread faster. Make sure they are repliable ppl though.

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    Originally posted by dncenter@4 April 2003 - 21:47
    I made some avi's of a TV show to share.
    If they are your own rips, then there will be very few sources. I'd try to share them as long as possible. If we were talking about songs/movies/software that was professionally ripped and released, then lots of sources will probably become available within a short amount of time.
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    A general rule of thumb is the LARGER the file, the fewer people will share it after downloading it.

    A 20-30min TV show AVI file larger than 150 MB will have very few sources indeed even if it's 640x480 or larger.

    What codecs are you using?

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