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Thread: Napster Trick - Virtuosa problem -

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    I'm using Windows XP SP2 with Media Player 10. I tried the Napster trick with the virtuosa 5.0 trial version. But it doesn't work. When I try to convert the wma files in the mp3 format I always get the message:
    "Virtuosa can not convert .....The file is protected".
    Do you have the same problem? What can I do?



    P.S.: I use the 10$ Napster version! Do I need the 15$ version?

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    I'm on the cheaper package and I've had no problems.
    Did you download Virtuosa from the link in the other Napster thread?
    You may have a later version that respects the drm protection.

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    Did you download the lame 3.97a7 and put it in your Mpgl3 folder?

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    I just solved the problem!
    The newest version of Virtuosa doesn`t support converting of DRM protected files. Thanks to "namzuf9"!
    Now I use the older version and it works.

    For the people who have the problem -> Try this link:


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