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Thread: Tmd Movies!

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    I've installed the new klite code pack, and movies TMD ones play very wierd...
    ... they seem to be playing a bit faster then they should. For example people speak faster.

    IT IS WEIRD and i can't watch movies like :BIKER BOYZ, EQUILIBRIUM, RECREUIT


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    Are you sure that itīs caused by K-lite codec pack,have you ever manages to make the video play properly before you installed K-lite codec pack cuz TMD movies is shit.

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    i'm not saying that it was caused by klite code pack, im only saying that , i,v insstalled it an d STILL i can't watch em.

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    I can attest to the quality of the TRUE (tmd)moviez quality out there as I am a member of that group.

    Normally it is simply the way in which you DL'd the file, alot of times, simply DL an easy,l small file (divfix.exe). Run this on your .avi file. EIther two things will happen.

    1. It will fix your movie and you can watch it in perfect sync. (doesnt matter which buttons you press on the divfix.exe, you must strip and than rebuild tho).

    2. Your file will become shorter than it was originally and there will be an xtra file .log.... this means that there were alot of errors in the packets as you downloaded and you need to redownload agian. (It happens.).

    ALSO WARNING!!! WARNING!!!.... always make a Copy of original before using DIVFIX.exe.

    Just in case, option (2) happens, you have the original to try agian.

    hope this helps to.

    TmdMoViez use to have a website, but that has been removed with no future plans so far of it coming back anytime soon.

    Back in the day, you could visit that site, and compare the MB's with the category list on the site, to make sure it was a real version. Not no more tho.

    You can always try IRC. If you want more information, there were plenty of hints and keywordz to help you along in your search in this post. Good Luck.



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