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Thread: Internet Download Manager

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    Anyone where to get the full version of this?. i fell in love with this program after i saw AMAZING download speed (record of 650kb/sec) plus no spyware/adware like every other download manager/accelerator..
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    static hum
    omg I used to love that program
    it still rules...better than all those other download manager apps
    link me to the site again, I'll try to find a umm...fix

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    Flashget is better

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    you've obviously never tried.
    IDM pwnz.

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    Yea, and it takes up more resources then flashget. Flashget does the exact same thing as idm.

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    Internet Download Manager

                                   proudly presents                                   
    +-------------------------------------------------------------------- --  -  -
                Internet Download Manager 4.0x Crack             
       Supplied by...........BetaMaster   Release type........Automated Patch 
       Cracked by............BetaMaster   Protection......Custom/Online Check 
       Packaged by...........BetaMaster   Release size..................300kb 
       Release date..........05.01.2004   Operating system.....Win32 Platform 
     _ ________________________________________________________________________ _
          Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an easy to use tool to 
          increase download speeds by up to 500 percent, resume and 
          schedule downloads. According to the opinions of IDM users 
          Internet Download Manager is a perfect accelerator program 
          to download your favorite software, games, cd, dvd and mp3 
          music, movies, shareware and freeware programs much 
          Internet Download Manager has a built-in download logic 
          accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation 
          and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate 
          your downloads. Unlike other download accelerators and 
          managers that segment files before downloading starts, 
          Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files 
          dynamically during download process. Internet Download 
          Manager also reuses available connections without 
          additional connect and login stages to achieve better 
          acceleration performance. 
          Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will also 
          restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost 
          connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or 
          unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface 
          makes IDM user friendly and easy to use. 
          Internet Download Manager has multilingual interface and 
          supports proxy servers, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, 
          firewalls, file redirects, cookies, directories with authorization, 
          ZIP preview, categories, MP3 audio and MPEG video 
          content processing and a large number of server platforms. 
          IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, 
          Netscape, AOL, MSN Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla browsers 
          to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag 
          and drop files or use Internet Download Manager from 
          command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your 
          modem at the set time, download the files you want, then 
          hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.
          IDM checks for its new version once per week. Once it 
          becomes available, IDM shows a dialog describing new 
          features and suggests updating. You can also download the 
          latest version of IDM using Quick Update tool.
          When IDM is working, it shows its pyramid icon on the 
          taskbar. IDM menu pops up when you right click on IDM 
          icon. You can exit IDM by picking "exit" in this menu.
          New features in version 4.00:
          1. Completely redesigned central download engine. Improved 
          download speed and reliability. 
          2. Improved User Interface. Added "Stop queue" and "Start 
          queue" buttons to IDM toolbar. "All Downloads" tree node 
          now expands to all download categories independently on 
          whether they are finished or not. 
          3. Totally changed browser integration. IDM takes over any 
          downloads from any browsers. 
          4. Added a feature to customize keyboard keys to prevent or 
          to force downloading with Internet Download Manager. This 
          feature should work for any browser now, not in Internet 
          Explorer only as before. 
          5. Added the ignore list of sites where Internet Download 
          Manager won't take over downloads. 
          6. Improved "Download All" feature. The main window can 
          be resized. It's possible now to choose a path for saving 
          7. Added re-download feature to download complete files 
          8. Added "Open Folder" item in the right click menu. 
          9. Added several new methods for FTP proxy authorization 
          10. Added a feature not to use proxy servers for specified 
          Internet addresses. 
          11. Added a feature to download files larger than 4 GB
          Version 4.00 includes all latest bug fixes.
     _ ________________________________________________________________________ _
          Install application, copy patch into installation folder and 
          apply. crack will not run out of installation folder.
          Enjoy this fine release!

    ed2k Link - Internet Download Manager v4.03.5 Retail - 1.44MB
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    GetRight pwns the rest

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    im sorry but what do these download managers do and are the good to use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnq86
    im sorry but what do these download managers do and are the good to use?

    Allows you to pause and resume, simultaneous downloads, where to dowload file . Some increase speads . Etc.


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