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Thread: Creating CDs for my Car Stereo

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    Recently, I bought a really cheap Car Stereo for my car. It can play CDs & MP3s. So I created some Music CDs and MP3 cds. But unfortunately, the stereo does not play my cds. I have tested my cds in my friends car (who has an expensive car stereo) and the cds play fine.

    Similarly, my stereo can also play original cds, which I have bought from shop.

    So my qusestion is: how can I ensure that my car stereo can play my MP3 and Music Cds.


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    Finalise the disc and don't use the Joliet naming convention. You can turn this off in Nero. If that doesn't work try removing version 2 ID3 tags from your mp3s.

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    Try another brand of blank media.

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    I was also advised to reduce the recording speed (e.g 4x..) which I did and its working fine now.


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