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Thread: Bit of help with bit torrent and peerguardian 2 please

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    I just went on torrentsyp and then started up peerguardian 2 and i got loads of hollywood interactive IBM Almaden Research centre on my list. What do these mean and how much does peerguardian keep you protected?

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    Apparently Torrentspy's hosted at the same data center as Hollywood Interactive and Peerguardian picks up on that and complains. There's a thread about it here.

    As to how well Peerguardian protects you... no idea. But let us know if you get caught while using it.

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    If you are scared about getting caught don't use public trackers se private ones like pisexy or torrentbytes

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    There's pretty much just as much chance of getting caught on a "private" tracker anyway.

    Only difference is that if the site gets taken over, there's a nice handy list of members complete with their download ratios to prosecute.

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    Yeah you are right but, there is less of a chance. There are some private trackers that aren't so private like ET. But if you have one with like 200 members then your chances are way less.

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    sorta like what happened to Lolkitorrents or however thats spelled. The whole database of users and log info.. all in the hands of the mpaa.
    blah blah blah... whatever...


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