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    i think we all should make a list of the peaple who have fake files and i noticed that the artist with the name vin diesal has alot of fake vin diesal movies

    so i list vin diesal

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    We use to have a fakes section, but that became useless because: There will always be fakes and people can lie about a file being fake. Names are not unique in KL, so you can't track them. So basically, it's something you have to deal with, no matter what.

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    Just use this this forum to get your stuff, you won't ever get a fake from this forum.

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    Yeah, they're not fake, but the user/s with that file isn't online whenever I am! So I'm loaded with undownloaded downloads. Dangit...

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    well I'm sure u can find the same movie u want from other users with a list of verified d/l's n always connected....n they have lots of movies.....heres an example..if u haven't check them out.....go do it...I'm always on but not sure about the others...

    NightSky's Movie List JetJe's Movie List TCLite's Movie List


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