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Thread: Bittorrent 4.0.0 Final

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    This is the "official" client in that it is the latest supported version from Bram Cohen, architect of BitTorrent. It has the fewest features of all the clients, and releases are much more conservative than the experimental versions.

    No changelog
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    # 2005-03-07: 4.0.0 is now available.
    Changes since the last stable release:

    * All new queue-based user interface
    * Many options are now modifiable from the interface, including upload rate
    * Lots of other interface improvements
    * Extra stats are visible, for those who like it
    * Remembers what it was doing across restarts
    * New .torrent maker "btmaketorrentgui" replaces "btcompletedir"
    * Better performance, as always
    * License has changed to the BitTorrent Open Source License
    * Torrent fields are correctly created and interpreted as utf8
    * Too many little things to list

    A few technical notes, for those interested:

    * Single port: launchmany can seed and client can download many files from a single port and thread
    * Interface now uses GTK instead of wxWidgets
    * BitTorrent packets are marked as bulk data to make traffic shaping easier

    the use of gtk instead of wxpython seems pretty interesting might have to give this a try to see what its like.

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    The original has to try and keep up with the more popular


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