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Thread: netlimiter question....

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    could you, say, slap a limit on the local host address?
    not sure that will work for what i want to do but....can you?

    see whats happening is this...
    setting up a second PC, home network, x-over cable (dont have a router)
    i wanna split the bandwidth between, basically a public IP and a privte IP
    but if i put a limit on my public IP i have effectively choked everything...i think..
    say i'm 69.x, second PC is 68.x....
    i'm sure i can limit 68.x, but 69.x can still gobble up all the bandwidth
    (highly unlikely on a 5mb line, but...)
    and if i impose a 2mb limit on 69.x,
    then i have basically choked the shared b/w to 2mb instead of 5
    so i was thinking maybe i could try it on the local host (
    or would that not work?
    or...back to my first question...will netlimiter even do IP limiting?
    im f'n confused
    i'll be getting a router eventually, but need a down 'n' dirty quick fix for now
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    Dont think so...


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