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Thread: Good Heatsink For Pentium 4..

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    whats a good heatsink for a pentium 2.4c?

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    With the earlier version of this heatsink, I got a 1.8Ghz AMD to 2.5Ghz, which is an extremly nice overclock.

    Thermalright XP-120

    I'm not sure if you want to spend this much though..
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    seems a little pricey... is XP-90 any good?

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    Both of the Thermalright sinks require a pretty high pressure/high flow fan to perform well. This is due to the high density fin placement and the resulting backpressure on the fan.
    Naturally, this usually results in some noise.
    Both of those sinks also require lapping the base to achieve the optimal contact with the CPU heatspreader.

    On my AMD rig the Zalman 7700cu outcooled the XP-90 (with a variety of fans/spacers) by almost 2C.
    It's essentially silent also.

    IMO, the TR sinks are highly overrated.
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