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Thread: Modify Photo's EXIF Info

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    I have few JPEGs that I am using in an application. That application uses photo's EXIF information but these photographs have no EXIF info at all. Can I manually (or in a batch process) change the EXIF info? Can anyone suggest a good program?

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    There's Picasa2. Check it out at:

    This can do all the image editing, picture import, slideshows, etc. It just doesn't support heirarchies that most people would need.

    There's also ACDSEE, which has more features than Picasa2 does. But, you have to pay or "pay" for that program. Honestly, I haven't tried ACDSEE out before, so I don't really know how it is.

    Another one at This one is good too.

    And the best of them all:

    All of these can mass edit EXIF information.

    If you don't want an actual photo organization software, check the stuff here:
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