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Thread: Vampire: Bloodlines (Hoodlum)

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    My apologies if this violates the terms of the community or is placed in the wrong section.

    With that said...

    I have the 3CD RAR from hoodlum. I've opened it successfully and have found that each CD folder contains 1 BIN file and 1 CUE file. The instructions say to burn them to CD and install. OK, I'm a bit lost on this part. What am I suppose to install with? I've burned them to CD and have no idea how to begin the installation of the game. I guess I need an idiot's guide to installing this.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Extract the files of all the RARs into a folder and then u can either burn the .cue files using Nero or u could mount the image files using a porgram like Alcohol 120% or Dameon Tools.


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