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Thread: I have trouble with K-lite codecs full , v2.40

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    I am using K-lite codesc full v2.40 and Media player classic v6.4.8.3 now. Although I uninstalled and clean the privous K-lite codecs completely , I have trouble when playing file wmv with MPC , the picture is up side down .

    I uninstalled and re-installed both K-lite codecs and MPC many times , unmarked the codecs which Windows media player 10 uses but I still had the trouble of picture up-side-down when playing wmv file with MPC . Even I tried to install the lastest version of Bs player , when play wmv file , the picture is narrow to 1/3 of the screen on the left hand side and no color , the other screen side is no picture and black back ground .

    Anyone can help me to deal with this trouble . Thanks so much

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    my picture was upside down and no picture. now, with 2.41 i get picture, but still upside down. wtf?

    edit: switched back to 2.36 and everything is fine. now i'm using 2.42 and is fine too. thx.
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    Get K-Lite Codec Pack 2.41, or wait for 2.42 which will be released soon with a new version of MPC. open the movie file with Gspot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. nails
    now, with 2.41 i get picture, but still upside down. wtf?
    stand on your head?

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    who me?
    or construct a device to rotate the monitor when an upside down picture is detected

    in all seriousness, what is MPC? i havent ever had this issue.

    how about trying an older version of the codec pack, i use 2.36 full
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