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Thread: Computer Broke [Please Help! :-))

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    Hey guys,

    I'm on the school's computer right now as I have a bit of a dilemma. The thing is, on my PC at home, windows won't boot up. I get the infamous blue screen saying my hard drive is not mountable. I KNOW I have to format. But here is my question. I have two hard drives on my computer. Would it be possible to transfer some files [songs mainly] to the second hard drive, so I can format my primary hard drive? Bearing in mind safe mode and last config startup won't work; so anything that will have to be done will have to be done through dos [which is something I'm not particularly comfortable with].

    My OS is Windows XP btw.

    Any help would be dearly appreciated,

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    if both drives are formatted with NTFS...
    you could have a bit of a time trying to transfer files
    as the only NTFS reader/writer for DOS that i am aware of is from sysinternals,
    and it isnt free
    you can however get a free NTFS reader for DOS,
    and maybe create another partition on the drive you want to write to
    FAT 32 i THINK would do, but dont quote me on that

    it was winternals that has the ntfsdos, not sysinternals
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    Thanks a lot for ur reply

    C drive is NTFS and D is Fat32 I think. I was told there was a copy command or something in dos, but who knows? Are there any more suggestions out there? I am really desperate lol


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