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Thread: Gates is richest man in the world ... again

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    For thoes who hate Gates...
    NEW YORK -- Thanks to a surge in demand for steel, the Internet and Scandinavian sofas, there are some new names among the very richest of the world's billionaires.

    Indian steel mogul Lakshmi Mittal, Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu and Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden knocked several Wal-Mart heirs down a few notches on Forbes magazine's 2005 rankings of the world's billionaires.

    The billionaires are richer and more numerous for the second straight year, but the No. 1 spot is unchanged -- Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates led the list for the 11th year in a row with a net worth of $46.5 billion, slightly less than his $46.6 billion last year.

    Investor Warren Buffet held a close second with $44 billion, up from $42.9 billion in 2004.

    Besides Gates, seven other Washingtonians made the list -- including three others from Microsoft -- Paul Allen, who repeated on the top 10 list at No. 7 this year, Steve Ballmer and Charles Simonyi. Making the billionaires list, too, was founder Jeff Bezos, cellular phone pioneer Craig McCaw, Oakley Sunglasses chief James Jannard and power boat manufacturing chieftain John Edson, all of whom claim Washington as their principal home.

    Steel giant Mittal -- the biggest dollar gainer after quadrupling his net worth by $18.8 billion to $25 billion -- climbed 59 rungs from last year to No. 3 in 2005.

    Helu, the Mexican telecom executive, came in fourth, up from No. 17 in 2004; Saudi Arabian investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud ranked No. 5; and Ikea's Kamprad rose to No. 6 from No. 13 last year.

    Rounding out the top 10, besides Allen, were German supermarket company owner Karl Albrecht, Oracle Corp.'s Lawrence Ellison -- returning to the top 10 after slipping to No. 12 last year -- and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s S. Robson Walton.

    Four other Waltons took spots 11 through 13, with Alice and Helen Walton once again sharing the title of richest woman in the world with $18 billion each. The five family members of the late Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton are together worth more than $90 billion.

    The number of billionaires grew to a record 691 from 587 last year, and their total net worth rose by $300 billion to $2.2 trillion.

    A confluence of factors contributed to the increase, said Forbes associate editor Luisa Kroll, including positive performance by many stock markets around the world -- for example, in Ukraine and Iceland, countries that debuted on the list along with Kazakhstan and Poland -- and the falling dollar.

    Between February 2004 and February 2005, the 12-nation euro rose about 4 percent against the dollar, while the British pound rose about 3 percent versus the U.S. currency.

    "If you were a euro-based billionaire, you could've done nothing and seen a 20 percent increase" over the past two years, Kroll said.

    Soaring commodities such as oil and steel also helped make the rich richer, as did the overall recovery of the global economy during the past few years.

    "2003 was really the valley for the billionaires," Kroll said.

    One of this year's 131 new billionaires -- and one of the list's 68 women, up from 53 last year -- was Martha Stewart, whose wealth swelled to $1 billion despite her conviction for lying about a stock sale and ensuing five-month prison stint.

    Jail time was harder on the fortune of Russia's embattled Yukos oil company chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky, this year's biggest dollar loser after seeing an 85 percent tumble from $15 billion to $2.2 billion.

    Not counting the 14 billionaires who died, only 30 people dropped off the list from 2004, including five of Khodorkovsky's colleagues and hotel heir Robert Pritzker.

    Among the big winners were Google Inc.'s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who made their first list appearance last year with $1 billion each.

    The tech moguls jumped nearly 500 spots this year to No. 55, their net worth multiplying to $7.2 billion after the company's initial public offering in August.

    At 31 and 32 years of age, Brin and Page are two of only 29 billionaires under 40. The youngest billionaire crown went to Germany's 21-year-old Albert von Thurn und Taxis, with $2 billion.


    Listings include rank, name, age, wealth in billions and source of the money.

    TOP 10:

    1. Bill Gates, Washington, 49, $46.5 (Microsoft)

    2. Warren Buffett, U.S., 74, $44.0 (investments)

    3. Lakshmi Mittal, India, 54, $25.0 (steel)

    4. Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico, 65, $23.8 (telecom)

    5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Saudi Arabia, 48, $23.7 (investments)

    6. Ingvar Kamprad, Sweden, 78, $23.0 (Ikea)

    7. Paul Allen, Washington, 52, $21.0 (Microsoft)

    8. Karl Albrecht, Germany, 85, $18.5 (supermarkets)

    9. Lawrence Ellison, U.S., 60, $18.4 (Oracle)

    10 S. Robson Walton, U.S., 61, $18.3 (Wal-Mart)


    24. Steve Ballmer, Washington, 49, $12.1 (Microsoft)

    46. Philip Knight, Oregon, 67, $8.2 (Nike)

    136. Jeffrey Bezos, Washington, 41, $4.1 (

    272. John Simplot and family, Idaho, 96, $2.3 (potatoes, microchips)

    306. Craig McCaw, Washington, 55, $2.1 (McCaw Cellular)

    366. Dennis Washington, Montana, 70, $1.8 (investments)

    507. James Jannard, Washington, 55, $1.3 (Oakley)

    620. John Edson, Washington, 72, $1 (boats)

    620. Charles Simonyi, Washington, 57, $1 (Microsoft)

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    Saw this on the news last night,
    Strange the guy from iKea used to be on second place..
    and they said one of the guys in the top 10 is actually in prison

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    It's nice to see that Gates has his own 'Gates Foundation' He gives millions and millions for the research of diseases.

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    Good luck to the man, although he doesn't need it anymore.

    itís an election with no Democrats, in one of the whitest states in the union, where rich candidates pay $35 for your votes. Or, as Republicans call it, their vision for the future.

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    Can some1 explain Oracle to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZiggyBlue
    Can some1 explain Oracle to me?
    consider it explained:

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    I don't hate him, it just baffles me how it happened.

    Refering to a piece of Gates' graphics routine from the early days:
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Ballmer, Washington, 49, $12.1 (Microsoft)
    Which moron wrote that bit of code.
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    Here i am pirating every M$ application and it just doesnt dent his pocket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    It's nice to see that Gates has his own 'Gates Foundation' He gives millions and millions for the research of diseases.
    Though I'm sure he had to cut back a bit on his charity to make number one on this list again

    Bill Gates didn't make his money by writing code himself, he made it by having the balls to take action (read: break with Apple) when the right time came.

    "You're ripping us off!", Steve shouted, raising his voice even higher. "I trusted you, and now you're stealing from us!"

    But Bill Gates just stood there coolly, looking Steve directly in the eye, before starting to speak in his squeaky voice.

    "Well, Steve, I think there's more than one way of looking at it. I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barky
    Bill Gates didn't make his money by writing code himself
    that's what i thought when i read lynx's post. surely nobody is mistaking bill gates for a computer programming wizard, but that's not to say he doesn't have any talent at all. he does have talents: marketing, management, recognizing good ideas when other people come up with 'um, beating the competition senseless by hook or by crook, etc etc.


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