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Thread: home divx player needed

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    london baby!!
    hi i am after a divx player for our frontroom, my mum does not want to get an xbox for there so we need a normal one, been looking at these on ebay
    TOSHIBA Multi Region DVD Player SD-340 DivX, VCD MP3 70 are they anygood, just want something so she can watch what i d/l. cheers

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    Hi 'hondarvf400', I got the Philips DVP-642,
    95% of the times I use it, it doesn't give me any truble, and when it does, it's just cus of the way that sertain file is encoded, but it has been great so far.
    It also plays MP3, Jpeg Images, Audio CD, DVD and ofcourse DivX, all of those either on a normal CD or a CD-Rw.
    You can also put up to five Divx Movies on a DVD disc, and it works fine.
    The only thing is that it's not Multiregion, still I got mine, and as soon as I arrived home, I hacked it and made it multiregion with no truble, very easy. It cost me $70 US Dlls.(the Player)
    In any case, the hacks you can get on

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    if you get down to your nearest lidl's tomorrow there selling one for 50 with a built in card reader.

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    philips dvp642. i love mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livy
    if you get down to your nearest lidl's tomorrow there selling one for 50 with a built in card reader.

    yeh thats one nice player , i got this a couple of months back over here in germany and believe me its worth every bit of the money that u pay for it
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    Try the Yamada DVX6700, should be around 54 including delivery, highly recommended.

    Edit: to those recommending Philips DVP642, it is not available in Europe. That's official info from Philips (I asked).
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    I think the dvp642 european version is called a dvp630 google it and have a look..


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