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Thread: PruttCT?

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    This is in regards to this thread

    "Well, This thing was called PruttCT... when killing the process in the task manager it would double and AVG always found it as Ei.exe, always said it was deleted, but it was always there... Eventually I deleted it manually from Local Users temp <-- (I deleted the folder's contents), Windows System 32 and Preftech...<---(I deleted the folder's contents) "

    Do you think Pruttct could be the cause of my problems? Also, is it safe to delete the contents of Temp and Preftech?

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    temp and prefecth are almost always safe to delete.
    dunno about putty thing/too lazy to click
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    Seems to be easy to get rid of according to this site. Did you disable System Restore? And ran a antispy program?

    As for the prefetch folder I clean my out a least once a week , with no ill affects. And I always clean up temp folders . I figure if a program needs it it will make a new one!
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