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Thread: Random Bull

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    i posted this in another forum (i have another life you know ) thought it would be good here.
    0k please excuse my spelling mistakes

    Why do people that listen to hip hop or rock try to think they are them?In my early day listened to mostly rock,but i never tryd to dress in all black or try to kill someone.Now i lestion to mostly rap/hiphop music.does that mean i have to change into due(how ever you spell that) rags and gold chains?
    Its cool to smoke weed and stuff like that but i never got into that shit because its not me.Some one trys to ask me "man,why dont you smake weed" i say it ain't my thing, but no, they think I'm some kind of good school boy.
    People today have lost who they are.
    Another thing is why do most people think people should only listen to one kind of music?All music is great.
    Why do people say "he ain't gangsta enough" or bullshit like that?Who the fuck care if 50 cent aint gangsta,he knows how to rap and thatshould be good enough.

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    red bull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Mulder
    red bull?
    you simple man :smile:

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    Your "otherlife" quote should have been posted in DrawingRoom
    but yes i guess teens are easily influenced and why music seems to be source of all their (image) inspiration blows me mind.
    I guess their present surroundings aren't interesting enough
    TV shows "everything"* else



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