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Thread: classical

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    Is there another download site where you can get classical music Kazza has gone crap latley when it comes to looking for certain music.

    There dosn't seam to be as many people shearing anymore on this site anyone know of a better site

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    Soulseek,Ares,Shaereza and countless Bittorrent prgs
    check filesharing section for others

    Pergolesi - SabatMatter is the only one i got
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    static hum
    lol @ "lately"

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    The MIT site is down at the moment but when it comes back online (which I assume it will) the site will feature many recordings done by the MIT Concert Choir.
    Classic Cat is a links site that will direct you to many a-classical recordings.
    Pandora is a defunct record company that features out-of-print classical recordings.

    Have fun.
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