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Thread: .avi's wont play

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    I got two video files, an episode of lost and the life aquatic from a friend off a torrent. They are both .avi files, but they need some codec, but when Windows Media Player searches for it, it gives me an error, and the video plays with sound but no images.

    do i need to get a codec from a seperate website or do I need a diff media player?

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    install the klite codec pack, and youll be fine
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    hey McrslV, the codec worked and the movies play fine. thank you very much.

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    try divx or xvid codecs

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    let's say you dl an avi file come it won't let me edit it in premiere?

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    I too had this problem with an episode of lost, the codec I am using to play my lost episodes is ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder.

    I found it at

    I hope it works for you.

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    get the k-lite MEGA codec pack from h**p://

    it contains all the codecs u need to play almost any files and includes divx, xvid etc...

    the fdd show thingy, its good as it mantains a good size with good quality, but the problem is that u cannot like edit it in sony vegas or smething... u can convvert the video that requires the fdd codec with winavi to wmv formart muchmore convenient


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