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Thread: For all Symantec Client Security v2 users!..

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    You may find this of interest to you:


    This is an update package for your exsisting v2.0 product. Updated to v2.0.3 . For whatever reason, Symantec does not offer this for download through their security response center nor LiveUpdate. However what it will do, is to finally update your Corporate Antivirus versions to . At least it did for me. Admittingly, I merged a complete copy of with my exsisting Symantec Client Security share some time ago. Finally my Corp AV recognizes the newer version as such. As we found out and shared in an earlier thread, merging the newer AV share never had any substantial effect nor did SCS recognize the version number. So the final version number for your own Corp AV software on those who did not attempt to alter their shares remains to be known.

    Your Client Firewall should be upgraded to version .

    Hope this is of value for you.
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    Thanks bud !


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