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Thread: Help please

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    I keep getting article not found what is wrong, I am new to Grabit

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    That usually means its no longer on the server your using...

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    What do I do once I have all my files downloaded in my directory how do i decode it

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    Generally youde use WinRAR to get it going.
    As you asked in the pm if missing a rar then use par files.
    You can read the Par Guide in this section to get you going...
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    Are par files the grey files and the gold files the part files ? is grabit the best software to use and what is the best news server to use I am using my braodband news group

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    The par files are generally labeled par and have vol in the titles also. As for GrabIt it is very easy to use and a good starting point although for me Newsleecher is much better. As for what the best sever is thats up to opinion although as for your ISP that your using as most are free although most others will be at fee of $10 to $25 per month or so...


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