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Thread: videos keep freezing

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    this is really starting to piss me off. just about every video i watch now freezes when it gets a bit in to it and if i stop it then restart it it will play again. can anyone help plz

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    more info
    you people always want help w/o giving the most vital info
    in your case.....
    type of video file (avi, mpeg, etc.)
    player (WMP, videoLAN, etc.)
    codec package(s) & maybe the revision number(s)
    for all we know you could be trying to shove a VHS tape into your PC,
    with the amount of information you've provided

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    Also ram and OS may even be an issue and when did it start type of thing...

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    If it freezes in VideoLAN, then the video is corrupted. If not, then either the media player or the codecs are not right.


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