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    We will shortly be emailing your admin a list of usernames we wish to see unbanned on this site. I post this here to urge you to take this seriously. We will screw your database then eventually remove your site if we see fit. Upgrade or not.

    We also urge you to keep this thread open as we will be looking for updates. Two more members will lose their posts this time permanently during the weekend if this thread is closed or censored and/or Brian does not reply.

    From what we know the problem originates from a previous admin so we give Brian the chance to reply in this thread after which we will halt any attacks during negotiations via email. Icebast are not on a personal level with this matter and hope this ends peacefully. Don’t get trigger happy and we’ll sort all this out. We have dealt with many matters that have ended calmly in the past and hope this does too.

    We look forward to your reply Brian after which we will email to begin discussion.

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    Oh good.
    Internet blackmail.

    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    What's the point of unbanning members? They'll lose any respect they ever had from the regular board members because they will be associated with an attack on the board.

    I think clocker put it quite well:


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    We understand your feelings. We do hope this ends amicably. We've been around since the early days of the internet and wish it to grow like you do. We are however commissioned by an individual who seeks us to commence discussion. We could only do this by showing the cards we hold. We change name every game but we will assure Brian of our previous work. Our client also wishes for this to end peacefully.

    We expect flaming but we are waiting for Brian to post that he will discuss.

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    And who's to say you'll stop after this? Or if you've just seen these VB faults and are claiming there your h4x0ring attempts. Common we need some kinda proof this is you.

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    You don't need it. Brian will get it during negotiation. We have nothing else to say until negotiations with Brian after he's posted here if that is the outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICEBAST
    You don't need it. Brian will get it during negotiation. We have nothing else to say until negotiations with Brian after he's posted here if that is the outcome.

    I though people shouldn't negotiate with terrorists, if its suicidaly bombers or internet terrorists. And that the admin should report you to the police for hacking (which you have admitted to), i mean why should we bother with you, worse comes to worse you fuck with the DB (which is backed up twice a day) we move to a new hosting company.

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    First off, why don't you get out and get some fresh air? I know you probably get off on this kind of thing, but there is no way I will ever give into your pathetic demands.

    Giving into a blackmailer is something that i will never do. I have been blackmailed dozens of times online, and never ever once gave into them. There is no reason to do this. You can continue your demands even after I have met your first requests. Get a life. Go out and communicate with people in the real world, instead of sitting on your mom and dads computer all day long looking to piss people off.


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    When it is resolved you will know the exploit so be in control again. Our request is for discource. We are only commissioned so we don't engage in the anger of you or our client. Email me and we'll discuss the issue at hand.

    Think of us as a negotiator. We don't like seeing sites destroyed, followed, and destroyed again. We are always happier when matters such as this are discussed and resolved.

    Thankyou for the reply and I hope we can come to an assurance that your site is safe.

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    Thanks Rookie. The correct response to people like this.

    This is generally pocket money night. So I would expect no further developments til Monday.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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