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    I am new to kazaa and have downloaded a few programs - most with .exe extensions. However, when i try to install them the computer flashed the dos prompt window, runs a few quick commands and comes back with no install. I don't know if I need to be doing something else or not. I am computer literate but this field is new to me. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks

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    What files are they ?
    Alot of fakes are "exe" files and end up being films etc.
    Some exe files also need to be renamed for them to work.

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    Chances are the file is what alan said, but if the file is supposed to be an exe and its not working it might be a virii. But tell us what you were downloading and maybe we can help.

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    ushally some .bin (CD Image) files look like .exe with a blank white window icon. You need WinISO, ISO Buster, or WinRAR to open those. I reccomend WinISO (get the full version off kazaa though, cause the demo does'nt even let u copy over 30mb of data off or onto cd images lol)

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    if it opened a dos box it may have been unpacking something....
    first, I would open the Control Panel, go to Folder Options, and on the View tab
    scroll down in the 'Advanced Settings' box and uncheck 'Hide extensions of Known Filetypes'
    if it's checked. Then, you can go to the directory in Windows Explorer and see if the file really
    is an exe.

    if it's a "xxxxx.bin.exe" then you should just rename it and delete the .exe.

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