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Thread: my ringtones sounds bad

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    i have a verizon phone and it allows me to record my own ringtones.but whenver i recored something it sounds very there anything i can do to make the ringtones sound better?

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    The wax protecting the speaker may have gone hard.

    Soak the complete phone in rubbing alcohol for about 10 mins to soften the wax.

    Unfortunately there is now the problem of the rubbing alcohol. You could remove that by soaking in warm soapy water, but since water tends to ruin the phone I don't recommend it.

    The only other reliable solution is to burn off the excess alcohol - don't worry, alcohol burns with a cold flame, it won't harm it.

    That should get rid of another of those phones with annoying ringtones.
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    i think all ringtones sound bad after the second time

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    i have the theme from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends as my ringtone
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