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    I've have a dvd burner but all dvd's are bigger than a cd from 4,7gb wich program i need for make dvd movie smaller(the movie I wan't to burn is password swordfish)

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    Try using FlasK MPEG 0.6 Preview

    Or TMPEGEnc I dunno which one

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    You got the burner at the right time. DVD2ONE is here. Before, it was a very long and drawn out process to compress dual layered discs to a single layer disc.

    Take your pick, use smartripper or dvd decrypter to rip the movie to hard drive which removes encryptions. Then use dvd2one to compress and fit to a DVD-R. Make sure you set it to not exceed 4.37gb.

    Then burn the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS as a data disc. Use this guide to get you a copy.


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