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Thread: eMule and the Router

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    Just a little sideline.......
    As you all know routers like to mess up your p2p like a firewall does......
    Anyway, we just had cable installed, and I immediately ran out to get a router. After hooking up the router, we had a problem with eMule(low ID's and an inability to connect to a decent server). So, I knew I had to do some port big deal....wrong. We still had a difficult time connecting properly. I checked eMule's help and FAQ to see if there was a solution there. There a round about way. It seems that eMule was having issues over the fact that 2 pc's were connecting from the same IP using the same ports at the same time. After changing the default TCP and UDP ports on one pc and forwarding the new ports the issue cleared right up. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but at least it gives y'all something else to consider when NATed.

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    Already knew this but yeah, you have ta forward your ports on your router. And if u are using two different computers both with emule, ur gunna have ta change the default ports for one. And personally, I never use the default ports since most* ISP limit the traffic on those p2p ports.
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