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    i downloaded what sounds to be a "28 days later" cam, but i only get the sound and a grey screen i checked the codecs with gspot and it says i have it, says "mpeg4-3" anyone know why i might only be getting a gray screen?

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    sounds like a bogus file

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    arg i figured considering i had all the codecs

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    I had the same problem with some films e.g. "Sylvia Saint in Leather " but got them to play.

    I don't know much about codecs, but here's the cause of the problem.

    Format: S-Mpeg 4 version 3,  4CC: MP43

    GSpot has found WMVideo Decoder DMO, which is installed on your system, is a compatatible with this format; based on that, the video for this file should play fine.

    DirectShow is apparantly able to play the file as well , although it has selected a different codec, the Microsoft MPEG4-Video decompressor, whose primary 4cc (MPG4) does not match the file's 4cc (MP43). This is because the codec claims to be able to decompress 8 other formats besides MPG4, and this format is number 5 on that list.

    This is not usually a problem, but under certain circumstances there may be a performance (quality ) issue.
    To make them work,
    I selected 3ivxConfig.exe from k-lite Codec pack ( k-lite Codec Pack / Config / 3ivx ).
    Then selected DirectShow Priority tab.
    Then enabled compatiable decoders for the following MPEG-4 variants. (DivX3, DivX4, DivX5, Xvid )
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    if u have the new klite use the old klite codecs for some reason the new codec won't let me play most of my movies i have had downloaded and had for awhile.i installed the old codec pack and it works great B)

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    I had this problem i was using the nimo codec pack i uninstalled them and everything has been fine since..:hope this helps


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