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    Copy/Paste of latest Issue....

    DivX News (Number 40, 2003-04-03)
    DivX Pro Reduced Price, New Mac Release, and More

    Welcome to the latest edition of the DivX News, your weekly
    fix of information about what's hot and what's cool in the
    world of DivX video.

    (If you'd like to unsubscribe, follow the instructions at
    the end of this message.)

    In This Week's Issue

    1. DivX Pro Price Reduced By 33%
    2. Mac Users Join The DivX Encoding Party
    3. In Other News...

    DivX Pro Price Reduced By 33%

    You asked for it, and we delivered. DivX Pro™,
    the highest quality version of DivX, now costs only
    $19.99,33% less than the old price. We pride ourselves
    on listening to the DivX community, and this is what you
    told us: You like the extra features and higher-quality of
    DivX Pro, but you (a) are a starving student, (B) have
    a starving family, and © own a starving dog, so you
    want to pay less. Well, now you can get 100% more
    quality for 33% less cash. You gotta love _that_ math.
    (Now please, go feed your dog.)

    * Download DivX Pro Today:

    * More Information:


    RADEON 9700 PRO is the world&#39;s fastest and most advanced
    graphics board, featuring ATI&#39;s RADEON™ 9700 PRO Visual
    Processing Unit (VPU). Through a combination of incredible
    3D rendering performance, sophisticated real-time visual
    effects, unsurpassed image quality and cutting-edge video
    features, it takes the PC entertainment experience to a
    totally new level.




    Mac Users Join The DivX Encoding Party

    Mac users like DivX video as much as the rest of us,
    but until now they&#39;ve lacked something their Windows
    brethren take for granted: a DivX encoder. The long
    wait is over. The latest version of DivX for Mac OS
    (code-named "Gershwin") is now available as a beta
    trial, and a DivX encoder is included. The world&#39;s
    best video technology meets the platform of choice
    for video content creation.
    That has a nice ring to it...

    * Checkout the new DivX for Mac Beta Release:

    In Other News...

    Read the latest news from the digital video world
    and discuss with your fellow DivX fans in our forums.

    * DivX Gets Physical - Commverge Magazine
    DivX is moving beyond the PC into a wide range of
    consumer electronics devices, and the technology press
    is starting to notice how cool that is. Of course,
    as a DivX insider you already knew all that, but
    it&#39;s nice to see the rest of the world wake up.


    * Senator calls for copy-protection
    A new bill called The Digital Consumer Right to
    Know Act (or as we like to call it, the DCRTKA)
    would force all copy-protected electronics devices
    to carry warning labels. Nice idea, but they&#39;ve got
    to do something about that acronym...


    That&#39;s all we have for you this week.
    Thanks for supporting DivX video. Please feel
    free to send us any comments and suggestions
    at <>.

    Until next time,

    The DivX Team

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    Love the bit about the starving dog

    Sad I know, but I&#39;m tired.

    Thanks RF
    Peace of mind Findnot

    No time to work out? Try Folding instead.

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    I bought the new DivXPro for only&#036;19.99 (33% LESS&#33;&#33;&#33 and fed it to my starving dog.
    It killed him.
    Now I&#39;ve lost my best friend and can&#39;t play my movies.
    Thanks for nothing
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Sorry to hear about your dog

    Maybe you could contact the people at divx and get a refund as well as a discount on a new dog.
    Peace of mind Findnot

    No time to work out? Try Folding instead.

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    My dog is irreplacable but thanks for your sympathy.
    The saddest part is that I don&#39;t know his password and can no longer access his vast collection of Lassie porn.
    &#39;Tis a sad day for the entire FastTrack network.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg


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