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Thread: Emule crashes! please help..

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    Every time I open emule, after 10 secs it shows the windows error report message, and emule closes. I tried reinstaling 0.45 and 0.44, same thing.
    Anyone familiar with this error?
    would it help if I posted the error report?

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    Have you tried other versions for example 0.47C?

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    please give some info about your system, operating system and error code /message.

    use the latest emule version

    use for example crapcleaner (ccleaner) to fix isues in the registry of windows and check your system with adaware and spybot for spyware

    registry errors and spyware can cause error messages

    make sure your system is clean and errorfree

    to make your system clean and error free I highly recommend you to read and carry out most of the tips on this site

    I asume you have windows xp and you are not a computer amateur otherwise forget the site
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    Quote Originally Posted by hifreak View Post
    Have you tried other versions for example 0.47C?
    This thread is a year and a half old. Why did you bump it?


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